Wednesday, August 5, 2009

anthropologie "hootie & the" blowfish tea service

btw. im a huge hootie & the blowfish fan. i have like 4 of their albums (like CDs. thats legit). please dont judge me. im a little sensitive [squishy] today. like i broke the point to my #2 pencil and i got emotional. someone get me a midol.

so in order to cheer myself up, i go to and try to blow whats left of my paycheck less the rent check that my landlord just cashed = $44.01. which if you folks have ever shopped there, that'll get you maybe a (one) beaded tea light or an (one) embroidered dishtowel.

in the midst of my search of these owl tea cups i saw in the store, i find this blowfish tea set. how f-ing delightful and adorable. then, my mind shifts and i think, these blowfish are some poisonous bastards. and there are some re-tards out there that roll the dice and eat them, knowing one chomp and lead to a death. like really? if you need that much "thrill" in life, go put all your money on red at the roulette table or shoplift or better yet drive w/o a seat belt. i mean if you're gonna die thrill seeking do it by jumping off a big rock or a some flying object.

god forbid your dumbass gets poisoned by a fish that looks like a spiny tennis ball. thats kinda embarassing...

cause if im going down in the hands of some kinda marine life, i'd at least wanna go down by being eaten by a great white shark or a sperm whale. not poisoned by a fish people actually keep as pets.


  1. hahahaha i too am a "hootie" fan however no albums for me, only got a 10 year old tape. remeber those? and i agree that a blowfish attack would be the least glorious death! your blogs funny =) take caree

  2. thanks for checkin out my blog! glad to see i have an audience, at times i think im just talking to myself. lol

    and yes, i still have tons of tapes in my parents garage. i remember my 1st ever was "forever your girl" by paula abdul. and look how she turned out...