Tuesday, August 11, 2009

anthropologie cheese tray "lick my" knife set

you need to keep this set away from me today. its just one of those days where everyone and everything is annoying. like seriously, i almost flung my [loaded] stapler at couple b!tches who asked me the dumbest questions. oh and yea cant forget about this weirdo [who i assume is coked up on meds or something, cause she is dead @ss strange] that laughs like a cracked out tickle me elmo but like on repeat/shuffle. i sometimes want to stab myself with my letter opener to end the pain/misery of listening to that obscenly aggravating cackle.

well actually if you supply me with a hunk of parmesean, instead of enforcing my anger on unexpecting dimwitted co-workers, i can take my aggression out by carving sculptures out of this queso with these cheesey tools. so instead of being carted off for 1st degree assault, i can feed these [animals] f*ckers with my cheese sculptures in the shapes of obscene body parts.

lick my cheese @ssholes.

you guessed it. im in a ridiculously great mood today. [smile].


  1. i loveeeeee that you used the word cackle! my boyfriend never knew what the word was until i told him a couple days ago! CACKLE!

  2. haha! have your bf have read this blog so he can have a better idea of the word being used in some sorta context. however, fore-warn him of the graphic/semi-obscene lingo and violent content of the entry.

    cackle me elmo has NOT stopped cackling today! hence my "great" mood has not changed since yesterday. beer me, pleeease somebody...

  3. r u getting ur "." boy reading this entry makes me want to pop a midol~

  4. LMAO. yes. mi familia knows me too well. i pooped like 5 of em today alone. craacked out.