Wednesday, August 5, 2009

anthropolgie winesap "40" bottle opener

when you think anthropologie, you think dainty. girlie. fairy. lace. doilie.

so no surprise when you see this bottle opener displayed online, it sits next to a bottle of club soda. very proper. id be more shocked if it sat next to a bottle of old e or some sort of fine malt liquor.

yes. i used "fine" and "malt liquor" in the same sentence, let alone same blog entry. ive been caught drinking a 40 in a paper bag on the corner of 14th st & 3rd ave when i was 19 by the nypd po po. for that, i'll forever have a soft spot in my heart for malt liquor. see im squishy today.

trust me, its only for a limited time. im never nice for too long. just ask mi familia.

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