Thursday, July 9, 2009

tweezerman polka dot "iced" swarovski tweezer

i left the award "seals" just to confirm what great taste i have in selecting products to post about. yes. pin a rose on my f*cking nose.

anyone with hair can attest having a good tweezer is the key to hairless life. my blood boils when i try in vain to plug that one in[bred] grown hair that just wont come out. then you end up with a welt the size of a wasp sting from this fruitless attempt to yank out that pesky follicle.

my old sister bestowed upon me one of these tweezerman tweezers. not as iced out tho. its like the johnny walker blue of tweezers. top of the line, and smooth. well this dumb@ss [me] dropped it in the sink and dented it slightly which in the world of tweezers its like in baseball a pitcher tearing their rotator cuff. devasting injury, leaving you useless.

low and behold, tweezerman offers free sharpening for tweezers, how awesome is that? i filled online form and sent the sucker back to the motherland of tweezers and hopefully within couple weeks i get back nice and sharpened and fixed.

for the meantime, ive gone to the bullpen and am using some wacked cvs brand tweezer.
learned a lesson in life with this experience: dont skimp on personal grooming tools. the better the hardware, the neater your lawn will look.


  1. old??!! wtf... cant believe u actually filled something out and sent it away.

  2. ok. sorry, meant old-er sister.
    the only reason i filled the sh!t out and sent away for repair is cuz i broke the backup and the backup to the backup tweezers, so im kinda f*cked. eyebrows are kinda out of control, currently. you need a weed wacker to prune them.