Wednesday, July 1, 2009

pepsi "dee-lish flava'd" throwback

listen. im one of those b!tches who drinks diet anything. diet coke. diet snapple. diet dr. pepper. jack and diet. in the back of my noggin, i know probably in like 20 years, the fda will find out that nutrisweet causes bodily harm and may result in you growing a third arm. (unless you already have one, then you'll have quadruplets.)

so pepsi's answer to bringin it back to the olden days when [potentially poisonous] sh!t like nutrisweet, oleo and spenda didnt exist, is making soda with natural sugar. introducing, pepsi throwback. guess naming it "retro pepsi" was just too obvious of an attempt in being vintage.

tell you the truth, its pretty dang good. i, myself am a hardcore coca cola person, but this "natural" piece of carbonated gaseous dee-lish-ish-ness gives diet coke a run for its [bubbly] money. only downside, its calorically challenged. meaning it contains calories. bunk.

in conclusion, im still going to choose diet coke over pepsi throwback. no calories [health] over taste. i mean isnt that the whole reason why people drink the sh!ttier tasting nutrisweet flava'd diet coke? unless my nastradamus-like prediction serves me correct and the nutrisweet ends up being like radiation, then i'll have to poke an extra hole in all my shirts for my growing 3rd arm.

the irony here is (for you slow tinkers):
you try to eat healthy, it bites you in the @ss.
you eat like sh!t you grow a big @ss.

click for more info: pepsi throwback

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