Thursday, July 23, 2009

olympus stylus tough "wiener" 12.0mp digital camera

to be frank. this post is purely functional. trying to kill time before 1:00pm (my goal for lunch time) while also trying to ignore my hunger and the hole the whiskey from last night is making in my stomach.

[sound effect: stomach *grumble garble*]

its waterproof up to 33 feet of water. so this diggie camera can tag along while you take a dip in the pool (unless you happen to own a pool deeper than 33 feet. if ya do, then sh!t. you must have a f*cking ocean in your backyard!) the semi-waterproofness of the camera is probably what gives this tough guy its name. actually its dang tougher than i, since im apparently not waterproof. drop me in a "pool" of 33 feet and i'll sink to the bottom like a f*cking cinderblock. like i cant even doggy paddle. god im sucha weenie.

ps: apparently humans unlike tadpoles are not borned with the skillz to swim.

pps: with that last piece of knowledge i just burped out, its now chow time.

[sound effect: ringing of the lunch triangle. ding-a-linga-ling....]

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