Thursday, July 2, 2009

nike dri-fit shifty "fist pump" yoga t-shirt

i dont do yoga. it probably would do me some good, especially in the anger management department. but leave it up to me to rebel against sh!t thats good for me. ie: vegetables, fruit, therapy, alcoholics anonymous...

to my credit. i am the biggest gym [nyc sewer] rat. i pump iron like the biggest meatheaded goomba. i'd like to say the trips to the gym are solely for health reasons, but that [un]forunately is not the case. i absolutely only go to check out meatheaded goomba men [fist pump, fist pump].

see here i go again rebelling. im gonna use the fist pump as the symbol of my revolution against everything thats supposed to be good for me.

btw, this post literally makes no sense. im literally sh!tting out mumbo jumbo as ive already checked out from working my usual normal job.

cute t-shirt tho. still doesnt make me wanna do [yoda] yoga. ohhm. shanti.

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