Thursday, July 2, 2009

nike dri-fit cotton "pish" just do it t-shirt

yes. im a self-professed nike nerd. i live and breathe all their sh!t and technology. (ok, breathe and sh!t in same sentence, ewe. sorry...)

to be honest, most of my nike knowledge stems from my 2 year tenure at niketown. what? you think i paid full price for all of my 99 pairs of sneakers? pish. amen for employee discount, which i fully used and abused [glady].

so this tee im posting on is not your average [joe] shirt. back when nike introduced dri-fit (google it if your nimrod-ness doesnt know what that is) all the clothing was made of polyester. not only is your 1st thought saturday night fever, or some one piece v-neck jumpsuit from the 70's with any mention of the word polyester, but its that sh!t fabric when you snag it on your hang nail, it causes those annoying runs on your shirt. i mean, shirt ruined. period. unless you wanna walk around in a shirt that looks like your cat went ape sh!t on, go knock yourself out.

finally, the nike scientists over in beaverton, oregon have mastered a formula to create a cotton dri-fit tee. yipee! to you non-nike-ers this is one of those whoop-dee-doo moments. however to a most devoted fan such as i (blink blink of the eyelashes) this is fabooshly awesome.

keep just do-ing it nike! gosh, that was corny. whatever. im going to buy another pair of sneakers now. pish.

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