Thursday, July 30, 2009

jonathan product beauty "bottled" water shower purification system

today must be hair theme day.

so ive been sitting at my desk all day, being absolutely useless to the human race [and my job] and doing absolutely nothing. i checked out even before arriving to work. well actually ive been semi-productive, snipping off split ends from my hair. i'd make a fortune if they paid me for every split end found & cut cause i got a bunch. actually ive found some really raad @ss ones that split off like 5 times, i mean they look like mutant split ends. coool...

anywho. for you snots who wash your hair with evian bottled water [yes, there are yahoos out there. ie: kim basinger who was notorious for doing such wacko sh!t. dont ask, i know such random sh!t. im like the asian "wikipedia" sensation] jonathan antin developed this thing that "purifies" your shower water. it filters the bad sh!t thats in tap water so it wont harm your lovely locks. so does this mean i can drink my shower water?

listen, im no hair nazi. the most i do for my treds is the occasional application of conditioner after shampoo-ing. however, as you can see in my bathroom, there is always an overwhelming amount of conditioner left compared to shampoo. so pretty much i suck at hair caring and amongst other things...

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