Tuesday, July 14, 2009

j.crew golden "rouse" starfish capri sandal

im a sucker for anything that has some added rhinestones especially in the shapes of stars (pertty). i bet if you shoved a pair of hideous crocs (i refuse to buy, ewe...) or nasty uggs (ewe. ewe...) that were iced out with swarovski crystals, i'd probably buy them.

again, a sucker. i am...

btw: i refuse to call it "bling" and refuse to x-splain why its annoying. just refer to one of my previous posts [rants] on the reason why because im trying to stay un-angry today. happy thoughts. happy thoughts...

confession: im currently on jcrew.com trying to buy these 2 dresses (total $59.98). however these f*ckers want to charge me $10.50 for s&h, which honestly is not gonna fly with me. so to get around [screw] the system, i found a coupon code for free shipping on orders over $150, so i was gonna dump this [iced out] flip flop in my shopping cart to tip my order total over the $150 mark, get the free shipping, then when i receive return the sandals. smart eh?

see, stick with this [overly] seasoned shopping veteran and i'll show you a trick or two.

note: in order for this master scheme to work, the item that is "supposed" to be returned needs to be the most sh!t-hideous thing in the world. so you have no choice but to return the dang oogly thing. apparently tho, im not doing such a great job, cause me likey these star-fishy sandals...

ps: about 93.5% chance these sandals are a keeper. hence, in trying to screw the system, i screw me-self.

pps: i probably came up with this whole rouse knowing i was going to keep the sandals. it should be duly noted however, my valiant attempt in saving money on s&h with the execution of this scheme. so, i get an "a" for execution and an "f" for...

self control?

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