Friday, July 17, 2009

jamba juice green "garden of eden" tea matcha blast

so ive spent the last 1/2 hour trying to find a stoopid pic of this jamba juice green tea smoothie that im absolutely obsessed with. i had to settle for the ensemble picture [above] of smoothies. greenie is 2nd to the left. isnt he cute?

in my 1/2 hour google image search saga for this image, my mouth was just salivating at the thought of one of these smoothies. it was kinda like slight torture. because:

(a) there is no jamba juice within 100 yards of me.
(b) i dont have a spare intern [b!tch] to go fetch me one.
(c) i refuse to get the imitation one that starbucks has. not only does it not taste as good (ick), its about 200 calories more. and everytime i walk into a starbucks [garden of eden] im tempted to get the (forbidden-ingly fattening) jumbo m&m cookie [apple].

yes. im referencing the bible. i, at one point in my life did attend church until i discovered the national football league. since then, watching football on my couch has became my new religion on sundays. for admitting to that last statement, i probably just bought my 1st class ticket to heck [hell]. sorry god...

oh well, at least it TGIF!

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