Wednesday, July 15, 2009

headless "clueless" lodziarnia print

anyone ever have one of those vending machine lunches? lifesaver for appetizer, bag of doritos [cool ranch] as main course and a twinkie for desert. done. thats what you call a 3 course meal on a budget.

or has anyone literally just stand in front of a vending machine for like 20 minutes debating whether to get the "healthier" baked potato chips, or the evil fattening cheese doodles? or do i want something sweet or something salty? or wtf? they forgot to fill the machine, so im stuck with the lamest choices of boring trail mix or dried fruit. ugh. tragedy.

or or has anyone ever stand in front of an open fridge and stare aimlessly at the massive [or lack] amount of food? i do. my mom yells at me all the time for wasting electricity. see, whenever i come home to my parent's casa, i usually just open the fridge and stand there in awe at the sheer amount of food and condiments they have. because, my teeny tiny fridge consists of literally just water, cheese, expired mustard, moldy bread and a dead housefly (dont ask, dunno how to the fat sucker got in there. but his carcass is being well preserved by my fridge).

all scenarios that pooped into my head when [over] analyzing this above work of art.

in conclusion: im always hungry, broke and indecisive (and a touch of weird).

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