Tuesday, July 21, 2009

gap pee-pee "pop a squat" teepee

disclaimer: i am in no way yearning for children. that biological clock that apparently ticks in normal females my age, is currently "out of service" and the technician hired to fix it is indefinitely on vacation in bali. guess that sucks to be me...

my trips to baby gap have become pretty frequent these days. thats what usually happens when you're pushing the age of 30. that and even more frequent trips to the bed bath & beyond store purchasing waffle makers and can openers off people's registries. fun (and expensive) sh!t. yipee!

i avoid baby showers at all costs because you have no idea. the noise level of 30 [screeching] women trapped in a small room, i mean decibel level is comparable to a backstreet boys concert with screaming teenie-boppers. makes you want to blow your head off with a super soaker.

so im my mission to ship a pregg-o friend of mine a baby gift (since ive politely declined the shower invite), i see these (well what i think) are mini hats for the tiny noggin of a newborn. however, in close examination and further research (ok, i just clicked the item description) they're these thing-a-ma-bobs that cover? the pee-pee of a newly borned youngster during the diaper change process. listen, i have zero experience changing diapers. so i had no clue that one can "accidently" experience a golden shower while changing diapers.

guess this happens quite often if someone is inventing these tiny santa hat-like thingies. now only if they made them in adult size, would solve a lot problems.

ie: public urination.

ps: love the overly descript product name & description on the package. seriously, i lol-ed...

click for more info: gap pee-pee teepee

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