Thursday, July 30, 2009

frederic fekkai marine "mane" summer hair beach waves

my curly mane is fake. no asian is borned with curly hair unless yo momma was sleeping with the postman or someone down the line of ancestry was doing a little sookie sookie with some other nookie nookie besides the hubby wubby.

since ive been a lazy f*ck and not gone back to touch up my perm in like 2 years, i got some kinked out hair. so takes a whole lotta maintenance and hair product to make this mane look somewhat presentable (as opposed from putting it up in the usual "messy" bun all the time).

so to tame this mane, freddy fekkai makes this spray that give you that "i just got back from the beach" wavy look. oh and to boot, it smells like the beach (anything labeled "beachy" scent pretty much smells like suntan lotion). i mean this sh!t is friggin awesome.

too bad ive had to resort to outside tools to make myself look beachy [b!tchy]. its not my fault its been a f*cking atrocious summer weather wise and i havent once made it out to the beach in long island. just for that i think the weather god should grant us 3 months of indian summer. like im serious. by december, i better be hanging christmas ornaments & decorations with my teeny weeny bikini on.

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