Wednesday, July 1, 2009

commando low beams "censoring" nipple concealers

its a conspiracy. the 2 days i was itchin [like i had fleas] to blog, there was a problemo with [of course] only the posting option on blogger. some bullsh!t error would pop up, hence force-ably censoring my potty mouth for couple days. but dont fret my pets, this bull sh!t error has now been fixed. missed me?

speaking of censoring, found these neat-o stickers that cover your rosebuds with an even neat-o punch line under their decription:
headlights are for cars, so keep the girls under control and looking fabulous with low beams. [gosh thats funny.]

nothing hotter than seeing a chick with her [twin] girls standing at attention and showing the world all their glory on a brisk chill day. i mean it leaves very little to the imagination what is underneath that [skimpy] tee with those grape nuts poking out. its like free admission to wet t-shirt contest, sans the h20. (but we all know how nipples look like, eh?]

however if you wish to be a prude and silence your chest-icles from their gosh given right of freedom to expression, then these low beam concealers are your perfect [communist] solution.

ps: believe one size fits all, unless your rosebuds are more like the size of sunflowers. then i'd suggest slathering some maple syrup on a couple extra large pancakes [from ihop] and slap them b!tches on your bubbies. thats what you call full coverage.

pps: if that last ps was a disturbing suggestion, blame it on blogger. i got all this pent up brain [sewage] flowage from my 2 day layoff, im a bit out of control.

shes a maniac, mani-aaaaaac on the floor....
[strobe light, strobe light]


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. is there a 'bro'[ala seinfeld] eqiuvalent? i sometimes find my little guys reacting quite excitedly (much to my embarassment) on chilly nights when i rock my thin icy-white tees. just wondering for the fellas out there.

  3. lol. i just figured guys used masking tape or regular scotch tape since the man are pretty simple creatures...

  4. eek!!! unprovoked man-bashing. And thus the simple man learns a valuable lesson: Dont go by the monkey's cage; cause even if u werent trying to provoke them, they'll still throw sh!t at you.