Friday, July 10, 2009

coach tattoo "cowabunga" surfboard

yo. seriously. thought coach making soap was something out of left field. but to now find out they make surfboards? holy cowabunga. at first i thought it was a keychain with a fun little surfboard. but the sticker shock of a $1500 keychain - i think, not possible. as i read on, i find out, it is a dang surfboard.

bit flabbergasted. who on holy earth would buy a coach surfboad? i dunno. i picture some annoying chick strutting to the beach with her 4" lucite heels with patent leather red coach bag in toe, attempting to hang ten while avoiding having her face touch any water (god forbid her makeup gets ruined).

like oh my gawd.

ps: shipping and handling for this board to nyc costs $8.50. i dunno how thats possible. i mean i tried buying four pairs of bikinis from abercrombie & fitch online and shipping was gonna be like $10.00.

pps: dont ask why im buying four bikinis. i just buy sh!t in bulk.

click for more info: coach tattoo surfboard

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