Friday, July 10, 2009

coach new "bruise" poppy large flower ring

if you're ever involved in a bar fight...

or let me put it this way, if you're prone to starting/getting involved in bar fights [like me], i suggest you arm yourself with a gi-normous cocktail ring such as this. not only do you look stylish, but it also multi-functions as a deadly weapon. stylish and deadly. i like that.

this is best mode of protection and also tearin up your opponent's face with a ring such as this. ive punched a guy in the chest [what? he asked me to...] and i broke skin wearing a ring the size of a golf ball.

ps: another benefit in clocking some b!tch with this ring, they'll at least have a bruise the shape of a pretty flower. well i guess that a benefit for the b!tch.

pps: the flower at least in the 1st stages of brusing be a beautful shade of purple, such as this ring. pertty...

ppps: if the douche bag in the receiving end of the punch is a male, then he's asked out. unless he can get a pair of matching bruises, they can pass for female nipples. whoah beaming headlights!

lol. sorry i crack myself up...

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