Friday, July 10, 2009

coach legacy "potty mouth" soap set

since when did coach enter the soap business? this is news to me...

ivory, irish spring, and dove watch out. you got a ringer here looking to conquer the world of suds. the fact that these bars of soap are packaged like pieces of gourmet chocolate scores mucho points in the style competition.

just hope some dildo doesnt mistake it for chocolate. not only will it leave a bad taste after couple chomps, you'll be wasting about $13 ($38 come in a box), cause that about how much it costs per bar.

however for $38 a pop. pretty cheap to literally get your mouth washed with soap and cure potty mouth-ness. for me tho, probably need about a heap loada bars to accomplish that.

f*ck thats alotta dough!

click for more info: coach legacy soap set

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