Wednesday, July 22, 2009

burberry check "allo!" snow boot

this fantastically sh!tty weather in nyc this summer + the arrival of fall fashion [at your nearest retailer] = usually a 24/7 suicide watch for me.

so this year, since i physically cannot fly to outer space and bear hug the earth to cease its rotation around the sun and make it forever summer in nyc, im giving this "optimistic" approach in life a whirl: cant beat them, then join 'em. and by join 'em, i mean buying fall fashion right when its released (and at full price). because i aint waiting for this sh!t to go on sale, cause that wont be for another 2 months and by then, i mightve done myself in from the weather depression.

what better item to start off this new outlook in life, than a pair of snow boots? ive been one of those [stoopid] people refusing to buy any sorta appropriate footwear [boots, wellies, muck-lucks] for [crap-tastic] natural occurances such as rain or snow. i rebel and wear flip flops [slippery] when it rains and sneakers [slippery-iest] when it snows. apparently, i also love to fall on my @ss during such inclement weather while trying to be a rebel bad @ss.

but, if im gonna purchase hideous (but functioning) footwear for crappy weather, sh!ts gotta be hot. so i figure, slap on some burberry stripes, and you got the rolls royce of weather boots. [failed attempt at british fashion humor, since im not hearing any laughter...allo!]

ps: perfect footwear to stomp on cockaroaches in my apartment. guards your foot from the splash of a pesky water bug. talk about weather function-able...

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