Thursday, July 9, 2009

amazon "bookworm bff" kindle 2

im back and darker than ever. flo-rida's sun is strong as sh!t, i mean came back like 5 shades darker. can pass for a samoan or some sorta southeastern asian islander (whoah, that was a mouthful).

so in my [absolutely painful] plane ride back from flo-rida [air tran, never ever ever fly them. they blow big donkey @ss] i actually finished reading my 1st book in like 6 years. yes folks, i read a whole book (all 328 pages). pop some bubbly and let us drink [drunk] to celebrate. well lemme add a footnote, it took me 6 hours to fly home from flo-rida and was stuck between some wacko b!tch who kept staring at me and copying everything i did (a la single white female), and a 350lbs man whose bod spilled partially onto my seat. like [les] miserable. i had no choice, either attempt to drown myself in my complimentary diet coke or sit and read.

fine. im getting to my point. feeling newly thespian-ized finishing my 1st novel since reading the last of the babysitter's club series (bsc super special #12: here come the bridesmaids), i have the urge to reaching deep into my inner bookworm and continue in this magical journey of reading. [enter] the amazon kindle 2. its like an ipod but for bookworms. download books and read it on the screen, and you can even plug in earphones and it reads to you! a dream come true for a bookworm slacker like myself. if only you can command it to make you a [non] virgin pina colada as you "read" your book on the beach (hold the cherry).

guess you cant have it all...

click for more info: amazon kindle 2

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