Thursday, July 30, 2009


the last post i did (below) apparently was #150. i mean no massive milestone, but i figure the #150 is a nice even number and another reason to pat myself in the back and rave what a f*ckin awesome blogger i am.

ps: as a result of this blog, i have birthed a new categoy, "ego boost". sounds like one of those boosts you get at jamba juice.

i'll take a sixteeen peanut butta moo'd with an ego boost. pronto.
oh yea, name is angela.

pps: if youve never been to jamba juice, then you have absolutely no f*cking clue what im talking about. so i suggest you get your @ss to the nearest one and recognize the blog post.

ppps: because im so f*cking nice here's the location link: jamba "find me" juice

pppps: this blog is not brought to you by jamba juice. i swear. if i was getting paid to be a jamba b!tch and advertise their sh!t i wouldnt be stuck here at work writing to you, the peanut gallery. i'd be absolutely loaded and chillin in front of my mansion size beach hut in fiji, swaying on a hammock with an x-large pina colada in my hand.


  1. Thanassi likes this and aspires to be more blogg-y like you in the future

  2. lol. ive been seeing some bloggin activity lately over at the grapeholes site. none of this 4 months w/o a post sh!t anymore. keep it up!