Friday, June 5, 2009

wilson tour 90" tennis "elbow" racket

yesterday i attempted to be like roger federer and spank some tennis balls around the courts of roosevelt island. here are my observations:

(a) my forehand looked absolutely nothing like roger's
(b) after hitting about 10 balls over the fence, realized you dont score points like you do in that sport called baseball
(c) used my ballgirl skillz to the fullest chasing down balls and throwing back to the players on the adjacent court
(d) i now have a nagging pain in my elbow. either its a carryover from my bicep "injury" playing darts for 2 hours [drunk] or ive acquired the dreaded "tennis elbow"

so in conclusion to the points above:

(a) need more consistent practice. dont think once every 2 years is gonna cut it
(b) stop "juicing" before any sporting activity. i feel like amazon woman everytime i crank balls over any sorta fences playing any sorta sports. thats not very lady-like...
(c) after 12 year layoff from ball-girling the 1997 us open, realized i still got it. was chasin' balls down quicker than a squirrel hoarding acorns.
(d) pretty much im getting old. after the age of 25, they're not called injuries anymore. its called the aches and pains of being an athlete for your whole life and your body telling you to go f*ck yourself.

ps: i dont think acquiring the above racquet will improve my tennis game. well maybe slightly, but not tremendously. however, it'll put me closer to channeling federer, since this is the racquet of choice for him. that or i can always use it to wack around fat fruit flies or flying cocka-roaches in my apartment during the summer time.

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