Thursday, June 4, 2009

thoi vo rainbow "authentic" falls necklace

i love this woman. she makes jewelry like i make cocktails. simply the best. dude. for your nay-sayers - i have my bartender's license, so i am a bona-fide certified mixologist. now thats credentials.

and for those of yous that dont know i actually have a talent for making jewelry. no joke. not only can i house a car bombs in under 10 seconds, i can produce nice lookin pieces of jewelry. however, i am a lazy fuck and rather shell out $300 bucks for this necklace rather sit on my stoopid @ss and spend a couple hours banging out something similar.

butt put is this way. i would rather spend the massive dough on an authentic louis vuitton, than buy a fake one from one of those rickshaws in chinatown. yea, those dang nay-sayers say, "so what. no one will no the difference." but listen, im a materialistic b!tch, and so it bothers me.

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