Friday, June 5, 2009

thoi vo fade to "black" blue bracelet

here i go again worshipping this lady who makes pertty jewelry. well also that, and this bracelet kinda reminds me of the weather here in nyc today. blue and rainy. blaah.

as an art-teest, these gemstone briolettes [check me out with the jewelry vocab] are reminiscent of the dewy water raindrops falling from the dreary cloudy skies up above.

ok, i said i was an art-teest, not some thespian. but not bad for someone who graduated college 3 credits short of an english and textual studies minor degree. whatever, that last english class senior year needed to be dropped like a bad rabbit (ok habit. my lame attempt in being funny today).

i mean it totally clashed with the 5:00pm start of happy hour on tuesdays. i mean social networking in college is waaay more important than some lousy english minor. look at me now. im a god dang pro at schmoozin' and crusin' the bars of nyc. my reception at the bar is like me goin to bloomingdales. all the sales ladies know/love me and all the bartenders wanna/love to get me drunk.

ps: that reference to metallica's song "fade to black" purely my lame attempt in writing a depressing post. apparently the caffeine from my midol + ice coffee kicked in mid-post and i miraculously became very chipper. me chipper on rainy day? usually only crack can cure the rainy blues...

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