Wednesday, June 10, 2009

t-bags beaded "twisted" sleeveless top

you know. there's just a certain amount of $ i would spend on a top. because seriously some of them cost just as much as a dress. my [twisted] reasoning is, if you can get an article of clothing that has a bit more fabric for the same price, then the one with less fabric yard-age aint worth it. get it?

another [twisted] reasoning thing of note. i avoid at all costs (especially in the summertime) buying/wearing clothes that contain more than 1 piece. when i awake at 6:30am every morning, its a gosh dang miracle im functioning well enough to brush my grill, let alone make the executive decision in matching a top and bottom.

with that all said. i still may buy this beaded pile of wonder. i mean, one more [twisted] voice of reasoning note: in my [in]frequent voyages to miami, this top can act the role of a dress. i mean there are slutty hoochies prowling the streets of south beach with sh!t shorter than this. for real. yo.

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