Friday, June 12, 2009

polo ralph lauren big "middle" country polo

ok. im partially guilty in posting this because of the ever-so good looking [leo dicaprio-esque] model in this picture let alone the cool shirt. also its quite the stylish way to show pride for your mother country.

and no. i aint swiss (but i do like their chocolate. yum. swiss miss.) but as the quintessential middle child, i pick the most neutral middle of the road country in the world. like if the middle children of the world foundation was looking for a poster child, dude i'd be the one. and if they needed references, just as my momma, pooppa, lil bro, old sis, my plant, the bathroom mirror, my teddy bear and the doorman across the street. pretty much if you are a living or breathing being in this world, youve probably heard my
b!tch-ings of being a middle child.

middle children of the world unite!

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