Friday, June 5, 2009

old navy tiered maxi "boob" tube dress

its inevitable, every summer i rock a zexy wife-beater farmer tan, thanks to hours cooking under the sun as i play softball. honestly these days i dont give a f*ck trying to hide it. im proud to show off the tan lines with tube tops/dresses especially on those days when i feel trashy.

ok the above comment maybe not so true in wanting to feel trashy. but any excuse in buying new clothings is fine for me.

ps: saw this dress on an asian chick who was not chest-ically endowed and it looked real pertty on her. so hey, perfecto for me.

pps: speaking of feeling old (aformentioned in previous post). i remember back in the day in junior high when old navy first opened up. god. its like saying hey i was alive when levis and strauss first started banging out denim. old...

old navy, old navy, old navy performance fleece
(sorry. that dang jingle just pooped into my head.)

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