Thursday, June 25, 2009

nike usa soccer "snoozin" jersey

soccer is one of my least favorite sports. and apparently according to the world, im a minority as most of this universe seems to be [lady] gaga about this sport. snooze. however, i'lll use any excuse to show my patriot-ism towards my country [tis of thee].

so usa soccer beat espana yesterday in the confederations cup semi-finals 2-0, snapping a something like 35 game winning streak by rafa nadal's motherland. thats pertty big sh!t, its like david beating goliath or in more recent examples, the ny giants shocking victory over the patriots in stoopid bowl xlii. ok, so i had to eek in something about one of my favorite sports. this post was starting to get snoozin' with all the soccer references. zzzz...

my greatest congrats to usa soccer. i probably wont be watching the finals against either south africa or brazil because i have more important things going on this weekend [yanks vs mets subway series - kill the yanks!]

knowing my luck, usa soccer will pull this final out of their @ssholes and win the cup and i'll probably miss one of the most stunning upsets in fifa soccer history. oh well.

kill the yanks!

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