Wednesday, June 24, 2009

khaled hosseini kite "marathon" runner

so im back from flo-rida, about 3 shades darker and missing about 1/8th of my brain, fried off due to the blazing [hip-hop and r&b] sun. at least i look skinnier with this bad @ss tan.

anywho. i was given this book over the weekend (for "father's day" as i would call it - i dont celebrate my "birthday"). it was highly recommended and apparently everyone else that reads in this world does too (including diane sawyer).

honestly. i havent read a entire novel in like 9 years. seriously, its called cliff notes. they work wonders, especially when you're minor-ing in english and textual studies and refuse to buy books for the class. god im a rebel. tell you the truth, the most reading i do a day is skimming the nutrition facts labels of my diet coke and cheese puffs. so my olympic-esqe attempt to read this 371 page cinderblock will be quite the challenge. im currently on page 31 which is like running 2 miles of a 26.2 mile marathon.

according to my track record, i'll either crawl to the finish line after completing the marathon in like 5 months or fake an injury that requires hospitalization after mile 5 and not finish at all. either way, it'll be a sad display on how much i suck at reading...

who's taking bets?

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  1. hey i have that book from college and guess what i never read it haha i think i read the first 2 to 3 pages then stopped :) you know me yo you should put up something about your camera haha

  2. haha. guess sucking at reading runs in the family. good, i'll blame it on the genes.