Tuesday, June 16, 2009

guiness glass "hold the eggs" set of 4

nothing like a nice hearty guiness in the morning for breakfast. screw the continental breakfast [hold the eggs] or the mcdonald's big breakfast [hold the eggs]. truth be told calorically, i bet a gallon of guiness would be less than the 2 aforementioned breakfast options [hold the eggs].

its gross to think your typical breakfast [we're in america people] consisting of 2 pancakes, home fries, 2 sausages and a biscuit [hold the eggs] can equal over 1000 calories. barf. if im gonna consume that much calorically in the morning, might as well get a wee little buzz and just drink me some guiness [throw in an irish car bomb or 3] and call it a meal. yum.

ps: ok. i was slightly off. a pint of guiness = 210 calories. so it'll take about 8 pints to = 1 gallon, hence = 1680 calories in a gallon of guiness. looking at the brightside, guiness is fat free. seriously. no joke.

pps: [hold the eggs] = me hating eggs. never eaten/or will eat them omletted, scrambled, poached or fried. gross. barf. however if you hide them nicely like in cake batter, i will eat. gladly.

ppps: sadly, have failed to find an irish pub that is opened at 9am around here. that blows big nut chunks cause i was salivating just typin the post. mmm. guiness.

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