Wednesday, June 24, 2009

fiber one oats and chocolate "laxative" bars

not to be groddy gross. but if you have problemos dropping the deuce, munch on a couple of these bad boys and you will no longer have any issues dropping anything. screw the ex-lax. and at least these suckers taste dang good.

however a note of caution [*blinking red lights*] there is such a thing as eating too much fiber. trust me, it took a trip to the health center at work and a nurse hearing my tummy with a steth-a-scope and telling me it sounded like the 4th of july fireworks in my stomach.

call it gluttony or stoopid-ness buying a box of 50 from costco and attempting to finish it in a week. just imagine congestion on any given los angeles highway during rush hour. painful.

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