Wednesday, June 10, 2009

dolce & gabanna satin corset "l.b.d." dress

the other day, i was wearing a black diane von furstenberg [yes, im that fierce] dress. a co-worker comes up to me and says, "ooh you got a little l.b.d. on!" i looked at her like she had a zit the size of mount krakatoa on her nose and replied, "huh?" she clarified, "little black dress."

ok, ya'll know what a clothing whore i am, but honestly that is the first time ive heard the abbreviated term l.b.d.

so ther other other day, me and the old sis get our shoppin on after gettin our sun on at the beach. as we walk into bloomies [with particles of sand stuck in crevices you had no idea existed] we approach the dress section. so old sis drops the l.b.d. term, im like, "i know what l.b.j. means!" like all smart. old sis looks at me like i have a mole the size of a giant fudge cookie on my face, and says, "l.b.j?" i scratch my head [as some sand shakes off] and realize, "oh, not lyndon baines johnson, i meant little black dress." durr.

im partially gonna blame that acid brain fart on being like severly hungover + 2 hour exposure to uv sun rays = fried [chicken] brain.

ps: if youre gonna get a l.b.d. youre gonna buy d.g. dolce & gabanna. cant get more classic than that.

pps: also a pretty solid fashion rule ive shat out of my head today (w/the helping of wording it out by my bud derirah, since im usually verbally challenged):

"anything in black wont go out of style unless its made of velvet or suede."

true dat.

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