Thursday, June 25, 2009

cushie "noggin aid" neck pillow

there are times when i feel like my head weighs as much as a 20 lbs thanksgiving turkey. really. my neck feels like its gonna snap at the sheer weight of my noggin. call it being tired, exhausted, drunk, or hungover. but sometimes i need a little [spanx] support for my wee lil big egg head noggin.

tah dah! cushie comes and saves the day (a la might mouse). i would die for one of these for work so i can stop looking like im dozing off. however, i may look like those weirdo fools on the plane with one of these doo-hickeys around my neck. whatever, guess its better than lookin like a drunk [sailor] slacker at work with my head whippin back and forth like im on a rollercoaster to hell.

[with hands up in the air, wavin like you just dont ca-re]

click for more info: cushie neck pillow

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