Wednesday, June 17, 2009

cuisinart deluxe ss "lazy" can opener

for the past year, ive been using one of those ghetto can openers you buy at a 99 cent store. like seriously it takes me 1/2 hour to just open a can. by the end of this epic saga, ive managed to lose my appetite because of sheer exhaustion and set myself up for arthritis in my hands, fingers, arms and brain. all this for a dang can of chicken noodle soup. someone hand me a cup of noodle.
no can opener required for them sh!ts.

this can all be avoided if i bit the bullet and just threw down $20 for a fancier schmancier can opener. but my cheap @ss is so gosh dang stubborn in thinking that $20 can be spent in more productive ways [drinking] that i refuse. drinking over eating [nourishment]? well i guess if you put it that way, wouldnt call it stubborn-ness, it be more like stoopidity.

in conclusion, the fact that im looking to plunk down $49.95 (extra $29.95 for you non-math wizards) for a machine that does the can opening for me, speaks volumes on what a lazy son [well daughter] of a f*ck i am.

idea: then again, i could just not buy canned food. that would just solve all my problems. duh.

note: at least spam cames with easy open lid. mmm. spam. god i love sh!t meat.

click for more info: cuisinart deluxe ss can opener

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