Wednesday, June 17, 2009

crate & barrel pot "roach" clip

this thang is like a roach clip for your pot. goodness the metaphors (i have no idea if im even using this word in the right context, but it sounds pertty intelligent) relating to weed in previous sentence, you'd think i was some pothead. keyword, was. i am retired.

you know. with all the disclosures of my druggie past, alcoholic present and future bankruptcy on this dang blog, its quite apparent that i would probably not be a good candidate to run for public office. this blog alone has more ammunition than a texan cowboy's ranch to destroy my political career within days. ok, maybe minutes. talk about putting the kibosh on my dreams in being mayor of nyc.

why mayor of nyc? cause they probably get free [dope seats] tickets to mets games all the time. like hello? what other motivation can there be?

click for more info: crate & barrel pot clip

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