Thursday, June 4, 2009

cheetos giant "cheesey poofs" puffs

no, not dead yet. may was just a despicable month for me posting wise. i think i was pms-ing for that whole month, so blame it on female hormones.

during one of my trips to the corner bodega to get my daily fix on junk food snacks [like the crap that makes you sterile], i see this gi-normous bag of cheetos. i mean, i had to take a close examination cause you never know, shit like this could be made by some weird @ss imitation company like prito lays. but no, its legit. which as a result, just made my life a bit sunnier than usual.

i usually go the sissy route and get the "healthier" version of cheetos called tings but after seeing these suckers, i may crumble and buy couple bags of these guys, park myself in front of a tv and watch reality shows all day as i swallow these cheesey poofs.

might as well tattoo my fingers orange cause after this cheese puff eating marathon, wont be able to rub that sh!t off my digits. or unless i use some hardcore cleaning chemical. bleach pleeeease.

oh wait. no bleach please. it'll turn me fingers white, which will leave me a horrible "farmer tan" on my hand. ahh.

click for more info: cheetos giant puffs

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