Thursday, June 11, 2009

bath & body works "i aint no" wallfowers

these things are great. kinda remind me of that infommercial for the ron popeil showtime rotisserie, "you set it and forget it." that last part is the story of my life. my memory has as many holes as elizabeth taylor had husbands. (insert "oooh" comment here.)

so in my forgetful haze, candles apparently arent the bestest modes of fragrant-ing my humble abode. because in addition to risk burning down my sh!t [clothes, shoes and bags (oh my) which honestly are worth more to me than life itself. ] i'd be f*ckin about 20 other people's sh!t up if i set the apartment complex ablaze.

oye vey. ok. enough talking about setting sh!t on fire. makes me nervous. happy thoughts. happy thoughts.

ooh. happy hour starts in t minus 2 hours. thats happy enough for me.

happy happy joy joy. happy happy joy joy. wee!

gosh, i literally my happiness factor has increased 3 fold just thinking of the baar.

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