Tuesday, June 9, 2009

apple iphone "sh!tty timing" 3gs

f*ckin sh!t. talk about crappy poo poo [fecal matter] timing. im that f*ckin pissed. so my stoopid crackberry decides to sh!t the bed march 28, 2009. well maybe i forced the issue being a sh!tty owner and slingin/bangin the poor guy around, but hey he started it. the ex-crackberry decided to erase all my emails and text messages whenever it dang pleased. i mean c'mon you'd be po'd [pissed off] too.

so since the f*ckers at verizon decide to be jack-offs and have me pay $50 beans for a replacement (even tho i had "insurance") i told them to go f*ck themselves and jumped ship to at&t ["your world delivered"] and plunk $200 beans on an iphone.

however as [sh!t] luck would have it, a mere two months later, apple announces the new iphone 3gs. my head literally exploded when i found out. like are you sh!tting me? oh and to make matters even sh!ttier, the current iphone i have now costs 50% less. just for that, im not even writing about the new features on this 3gs iphone. im too pissed on how much cooler it is than my current one.

ps: another example on how i have the sh!ttiest timing in the gosh dang solar system. my powerbook g4 decides he wants to sh!t the bed september 2007. so i buy new macbook pro immediately . a month later the new macbook pro comes out with new leopard software. which means im asked out and have to pay for the upgrade because my stoopid powerbook couldnt wait a month to die. like jeebus christ. im soo f*ckin sh!t out of luck.

oh it doesnt end there. so the powerbook after dying (i mean i literally almost dug a hole and began to bury it) decides, hi. i want to start working again like nothing happened. i mean who does he think he is? a soap opera star where they bring people back to life from the dead? so now im stuck with two laptops. guess on the brightside, that kinda makes me a baller with 2 computer. wha whaaat.

pps: guess, in conclusion, i think karma is whippin me in the @ss. its telling me quit being an angry salty b!tch and be kind [and re-wind] to your fellow humans. i'll try. but cant guarantee i'll get an "a" for effort.

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  1. They did ish like that when they first came out. The $600 8 gig phone went down to $400 in a matter of months. i will not have my financial emotions toyed with like that!!!
    on the bright side ive heard rumblings that the 3Gs isnt necessarily wildly superior.

  2. i hope that brightside is true mark of jacobs. because in my devious head im plotting sinister ways in making my current iphone mysteriously disappear.