Monday, June 8, 2009

anthropologie "squeeze me" strawberry citrus reamer

happy f*kin monday.

i was dreading going to bed last night, knowing when i woke up, it would be monday. as garfield would say, "i hate mondays." touche garfield. touche.

usually on mondays i feel like shoving a reamer (such as this) in my head and squeezing the daylights out of it. i mean, that painful. i must say tho, the brain matter that oozes out after a good ole monday reamin probably wouldnt taste half bad. 1st of all not so pulp-y and 2nd you'll prob acquire a slight buzz due to the usual weekend long alcoholic binge fest. well actually you'll get a good jolt too, since i drank about a gallon of red bull vodkas on saturday alone.

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