Friday, June 12, 2009

abercrombie & fitch henderson "juiced" lake tee

here we go again. more moose meese boozin tees from abercrombie. i f*ckin love it. nothing like promoting drinking and nudity amongst the youth of america. just be thankful abercrombie didnt decide to makes these tees in kids size. cause i have a pretty strong ink-link that the bible belt of america would have a tizzy tiff about it. no worries billy graham cracker.

on another note. seems like moosey meese has been juicin at the least. jeebus christ. check out the rambo guns on this massive hunka bunka elk. i mean quite the change from not even 2 months ago, when i blogged about his appearance on the pamela tees cavorting around with bucky beaver.

i mean he looks like the moose version of jose canseco. on 2nd thought, partying with some hoes, choking an eagle, runnin around naked, and grilling with a tight @ss wife beater are pretty much the characteristics of a mr. canseco.

wonder if he's entitled to royalties?

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  1. actually its a dick that the moose is holding on to in the last one the weiner is a wiener, and the one where hes choking the chicken refers a slang term for male masturbation! love these shirts wait until you see the new ones they got coming way worse haha love it

  2. hi,
    I want to buy these kind of tees. Could you please tell me where I can buy the tees you post on your blog?