Thursday, May 7, 2009

worldwide fred "what i learned from school today..." to-to tattoo

in a fit of anger after an argument with the old-er sister, i told my friends who witnessed my [ever entertaining rage-fest] that she needs to go to clown school and grow a friggin brain.

apparently thru sister-ly mental to mental transfer or some divine sh!t, she got the message. i got a list of weirdo/cool thangs to blog about from her last night. which hey, awesome. less work for me, all i gotta do is whip up some geniously [sarcastic] literary words and turn them into a kinda funny post.

come to think of it, since the sister is a recent grad of clown school, she may need this to-do tattoo in case she forgets a thing or two she learned from professor bobo. mean, do you remember everything you learned in grammar school? sh!t i forget what the f*ck a prime number is...

click for more info: worldwide fred to-do tattoo

1 comment:

  1. yes i did learn a thing or two from professor bobo, thank you very much!

    i thought of u on this, since ur always forgetting something you needed to do!!!