Thursday, May 7, 2009

worldwide fred pac-man "waka waka" hothead oven mitt

aside the fact i suck at pac-man, i still have a soft spot in my [stone-cold] heart for the little yellow dot. i mean he just brings joy everytime you look into his bright little smilin face. didnt james taylor write a song like that?...

so in honor of the "light of my life", i will forever brand [tattoo] this guy on my bod. i got this mole on the inside of my fore-arm the size of a hamster [nub] tail and im gonna get pac-man eating it. how coolio is that?

oh yea. i dont cook. or bake. but my sole purpose [in life] in buying this is when i shove this mitt in my sister's (or bro's, whichever on pee's me off more) face and yell "waka waka waka" it'll match my forth-coming tattoo.

1 comment:

  1. if you get the tattoo post the pic. against all better judgement i strongly support this.