Tuesday, May 26, 2009

vinturi "with age" wine aerator

there is no glamorous explanation why i havent posted in 10 days. i wasnt on vaca (broke). i wasnt on a road trip (broke). i wasnt out shopping at the outlets (broke). i was out at the bars slingin away hours of beer pong games on this glorious memorial weekend (thats why im always broke). oh yea and work kinda kept me busy. aww shucks.

so i came across this while brainstorming what to get the pops for father's day. yes people, its coming up. june 21st. btw, that is the same day my moms gave birth to glorious ole me (mark your calendar, b!tches). i do however get the shaft every 7 years when father's day falls on my birthday. whatever. im used to getting my thunder stolen. i am a middle child, remember?

ive seen this used at a winery in sonoma in my visits to san francisco. apparently it airs out the red wine when poured into this contraption. so instead of doin that stuffy "i drink wine like a snot" swirl of the wine glass when poured the vino, this replaces that need to be a wine douche action.

i may sound like a hater to wine connoisseurs. sue me. its just irking to see people get snotty about wine. like who gives a f*ck. as long as the sh!t gets you a buzz or in my case, just hammered, i dont give a hoot.

i guess tho with time, like good wine, my asinine attitude would get better with age. i'll let you know after june 21st, if ive matured. but, unless my attitude is like a $3.00 bottle of 2 buck chuck wine from trader [h]joes, then im just asked out.

click for more info: vinturi wine aerator

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