Tuesday, May 26, 2009

syracuse orange "dynasty" 2009 ncca lacrosse championship tee

in the midst of a gluttonous day of bbq'ing at che de parents yesterday, i was plopped in front of a tv watching seriously one of the bestest lacrosse games ever [while chomping on some grilled corn]. i mean cuse is down 9-6, with under 5 minutes to go, they come back to tie the game and then win it on sudden death overtime. just sick!

btw. 11 time national champions. that is insane. and they call the yankees a dynasty? pish posh. cuse has won 11 titles since 1983. the stoopid yanks have what? 26 in like over 100 years.

all hail syracuse lacrosse dynasty. buy this tee. oh it comes in girly sizes too.

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