Friday, May 29, 2009

sunpentown stainless portable ice "coold" maker

im function on 2 hours of sleep. so please excuse the non-sense i am typing if it happens not to make sense. cause honestly as i am typing i am seeing double and my head feels like it weighs 2 tons. *yawn*

so im a big fan of ice. like i dont drink h2o or any sort of beverage unless its ice cold. like i dont play. however too bad [wah wah] i live in an apartment the size of a gingerbread house. my refridgerator [to describe it mildly] is the size of one of those mini-me ones you had in your college dorm room. so in essence the freezer portion is one of those ghetto flip down compartments that fits maybe 2 boxes of frozen brussel sprouts and 2 trays of ice cubes. ya. no. with summer coming up, thats not going to cut it.

well this is when the bright [fluorescent] light bulb turns on at the top of my head. why not see if they make mini ice makers? low and behold. they do! i mean this guy above is pretty fancy schamcy with timers and all that crap. but all i give a sh!t is it makes ice faster than i can chug an irish car bomb [which is pretty dang quick].

did i mention my birthday is coming up? hint hint...

click for more info: sunpentown stainless protable ice maker

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