Tuesday, May 12, 2009

nathan flip straw "oasis" water bottle

im my valiant efforts to drink more water, i purchased this h2o bottle at my local model sporting goods store. i figure its prettier container for water [instead of boring mr. white paper cup] and a more funner way to drink. seriously im like a 6 year old kid. its like if the toothbrush aint the shape of spongebob square pants, i wont brush my teeth. i need to be entertained when doing the most mundane bodily [hygiene] maintenance.

so instead of drinking about a cup of water a day [3/4's of that is the spit i swallow] im now consuming about 1000ml. i wont to convert that to ounces cause a 1000 of anything sounds like alot of anything. im literally in dire need of h2o because i get the gold medal in depriving me bod of any sorta liquid hydration. a daily streaming diet of coffee, diet coke and of course mass quantities of anything alcoholic just makes my pores scream for water like theyre stranded in the middle of the sahara with no h20 in sight.

i wish i was a camel...
humpity, hump, hump.

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1 comment:

  1. seriously, did u go out the night before, ur english is worse then ever on this blog!!!

    "im my valiant efforts" "prettier container for water" "more funner way to drink"

    i cant believe u were an english minor is skool!