Wednesday, May 6, 2009

mta subway "oh sh!t" grab hold

with this new so called pandemic called the swine flu goin around, i figure this would be perfect way to reduce the spread of germs/bacteria/what other nasty sh!t floatin around nyc subway train. [eek.]

for those daily bumpy [squished like sardine] rush hour subway rides, if youre one of those super paranoid ocd germa-phobe freak-a-zoids, who dont dare touch the communal poles, then this can be your personal "oh shit" handle. just slap on one of those super duper suction cups (probably can find in one of those cheesy finger hut catalogs) and voila, no more sharing the pole with icky poo poo people.

ps: this brilliant idea was hatched as i was stuck on a jam-packed stalled 4 train this morn because of some dumbf*ck [swine flu infested] sick passenger. stoopid f*ck shouldve just rolled their sick @ss off the train and laid "sick" on the platform. sheesh. thanks for making me tardy to work! @-hole.

click for more info: mta subway grab hold

1 comment:

  1. Fantastic idea! I saw these posted in an ad on the train, but I wondered who the hell would be these stupid things? But given the recent pandemic, these are perfect! Now if only the MTA had detachable seats as well...hmmm...