Monday, May 11, 2009

kifaru e&e back "its official" pouch

for you hardcore wannabe paul bunyan lumberjacks, here comes a line of hunting gear thats waaay official (and stylish, i must say). this is not your typical jansport book bag. i mean just take a look at their website. they have a "military" section that provides a nice array of combat sleds [whatever the f*ck that is...].

also i found that in order to buy kifaru stuff, its only sold on their website. thats some hardcore exclusive sh!t. and besides the fact the bag looks like it went to through some bondage party its got all these compartments, loops and what-nots to hold your worldly belongings.

not for nothing, this sh!t would be perfect for mary poppins. she can keep all that sh!t in her bag organized, so when she wants to pull out that hat stand or a lamp, she'll know where it is...

click for more info: kifaru e&e back pouch

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