Friday, May 1, 2009

jack spade "en vogue" matchbook cover

for you fashion divas/divos who just can bear to be seen carrying such tacky matches with duane reade logos, jackie spade comes to your rescue with these boarskin matchbook covers. i mean, jesus, any fashion whore has to floss such fierce gear, especially chic matchbook covers. like duh.

btw: took me like 20 minutes to decide what category to file this dude under. finally decided on toys/knick-knacks. its not technically a gadget/gizmo. its more of a knick-knack. well according to merriam-webster:

Main Entry: knick·knack
Variant(s): also nick·nack \'nik-,nak\
Function: noun
Etymology: reduplication of knack
Date: 1682
Def: a small trivial article usually intended for ornament

1682? cant imagine historic scholarly peeps such as benny franklin or tommy jefferson utilizing such silly verbage.

apparently not, cause last time i checked, the word knick-knack doesnt appear in the constitution...

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  1. Yeah, but I think paddy-whack is in the Constitution...

    BTW - Jack Spade should make a similar product for condoms and put "PLAYA" on the front. I am sure it would be big hit.