Friday, May 15, 2009

guinea "i wanna!" pig

i cant take it anymore. i want one of these furballs, bad.

btw. oh the horror. when google image-ing for a guinea pig, i came across a picture of a fried g piggie. eek squeak! apparently they're a delicacy in peru. ick.

i really miss the little squeakers. i had two, they obviously died and are no longer with us. they're both buried in the pet sematary of a backyard of my parent's house along with my rabbit, 2 hamsters, 1 gerbil, and 1 goldfish. dont ask, that stoopid fat orange fish was my sister's. she went ape sh!t when my dad tried to flush it down the toilet (after it died of course) and ended up clogging it. so we buried the porker.

judging tho of my laundry list of dead pets, probably not a good idea for me to get another one. bunk...

ps: my psycho-@ss keeps petting this guy above with the cursor of my computer mouse. issues...

click for more info: adopt a guinea pig

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  1. Hey - you're slacking with your posts! Wassup with dat? This blog brings humor to my day - believe me, I need it during my work day! I guess that the Mets are bringing you down - believe me, I know that feeling. The Times had an excellent article on how fans think that the new Citifield stadium has no history, but after this week, the fans can now re-live the historic collapse of the Mets from the past two seasons. On the brighter side, we were in first place for a few days before we ended up on the West Coast!!! Yah!